Bellpal Enabling Solutions

License & Selling to other Solutions Providers

2.1. Licensing the Fall A.I Algorithm

We are licensing the BellPal Embedded Fall A.I. Software to other with needs of software as ours. We compile it into other devices, for usage in for example hospitals and senior facilities, and other safety usages.

We support to ensure our Fall A.I. Software works accordingly to our specifications, into the actual third part tag/module.

The License model it self is easy: You pay for what you use.

2.2. White label

White label sales of our Assured Living Platform in whole or parts thereof. We have a commercial implementation package for companies that wants to use their own brand on the watch device, the app etc.

We support the design process to ensure the delivery is as wanted. The operational price is same as if selling and operating BellPal’s brand.

License BellPals HW design, from Watch to PCB blueprints.

If a company would like to produce their own device, and also the BellPal Tech Module we provide all necessary specifications and blueprints.

If you only like to produce your own device / watch, and buy the BellPal Tech Module, we arrange that to0.

We support the process, and charge based on what you use / buy. And in commercial operations, as you where an ordinary B2B client – pay as you go.

2.3. White label Alarm app / alarm system

The BellPal white label app is used by companies in the security sector, as in for use as a case management app.

Our price model is easy: You pay for what and active users.

2.4 The BellPal Balance Checker by TUG App

We provide the app also as a white label product.

We charge for downloads, and active usage.