Seamless Connect

Everyone is connected

We make sure, with the BellPal Assured Living platform, that you can provide a redundant service that leaves no Users behind. With the fall detecting BellPal A.I. Watch, the BellPal App and our Incident Management System operating together in the Cloud as a SaaS plug and play platform. With no integrations, no installations, or need to pay expensive consultant fees. You pay for what you use – or more like – it’s the actual end-user / customer that pays. Not you.

The alarm is sent to the user’s own selection of people: their adult kids, a neighbour, a dear friend etc. We call them Followers. And they all receive the alarm, with the actual GPS position. They know where the User is. And they can communicate with each other transparently to give the best help. It’s better if the neighbour checks what’s going on than that the adult son has to drive for hours.

It does not stop there. We also provide 24/7 emergency response, so the User always is safe for whatever reason. The smart thing is that the response operator, by default, gives status about what’s happening during the alarm handling. And can also direct the Followers because they share the same communication channel. Comfortable, smart, and useful. Why call for an ambulance if a friend close by can do the first check.

It’s about making sure you get help in a way that makes sense for the actual case. And to make sure no one is left behind. Together we help out. That’s what the BellPal Assured Living platform is all about.