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BELLPAL develops and provide new technology for the Connected Health Market

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Embedded AI in healthcare refers to the use of AI technology in medical devices and other healthcare applications. For example, an AI-powered wearable device could monitor a person’s vital signs and alert them or their healthcare provider if it detects any abnormalities. Another example of embedded AI in healthcare is the use of AI algorithms in diagnostic imaging devices, Embedded AI has the potential to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare services.

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Integrated with Moto Watch

Fully integrated ecosystem and unique enabling solutions like the Edge Algorithms. The platform onboards, operate and deliver adequate solutions based on data collection.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

From Edge Screening to Assessment & Intervening Solutions

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BellPals core solutions can be used by third parties for both commercial and development purposes.

We’ve built an infrastructure that makes it easy for third parties to either integrate our combined offering as a package, or choose certain enablers to integrate with other systems.


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Regulatory News
Regulatory news

Bellpal har lanserat Safety+ i USA och Kanada

Bellpal har den 22 februrari 2023 lanserat tjänsten Safty+ i USA och Kanada tillsammans med Moto-Watch.
Det innebär att vi når ut till ännu fler, speciellt i Kanada, där vi ser en stor växande marknad…